LRBT offers a 3-tiered service delivery structure:

  • 59 Primary Eye Care Centers (PECCs) and 4 Outreach Clinics (OCs)
  • 16 Secondary Eye-Care-Hospitals
  • 3 Tertiary-Eye-Hospitals

Our Locations


LRBT is present in all 4 provinces of Pakistan, with a network of 19 fully-equipped hospitals, 59 Primary Eye Care Centers and 4 outreach clinics. Except for Karachi, Lahore and Quetta, the remaining 15 hospitals in small towns and rural areas where poverty is greatest and the facilities the poorest. Virtually all Pakistanis are now able to access high-quality, free-eye-treatment from LRBT Hospitals, within 200 kilometres of their residence.

Changing Lives – Latest

53 Million Patient of LRBT – Ismail

In the heart of a bustling city, amidst the struggles of poverty, there lived a 32-year-old man named Muhammad Ismail. Born into a poor family, Ismail carried the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. He had five sisters and a younger brother who relied on him for their livelihood…