Monthly Archives: December 2017

LRBT’s 37 Million Patient –Maryam’s journey from darkness to light

On a bright sunny day in a small colony, 6 year old Maryam was returning home, happily skipping along while she regaled her brothers with stories of her day. They smiled at her indulgently and patiently waited for her to complete her story for the third time. Once home Maryam rushed inside to give her

LRBT’s 36 Millionth Patient – Muhammad Saeed an 11 year old boy from Baldia Town, Karachi

Saeed, 11, a happy, confident boy and a student of grade 4 in a government school, lives in Baldia Town Karachi along with his parents and two siblings. Though poor, their father Asif, dreams of having his children study and live better lives than he did. Part of a joint family system where he is

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