Changing Lives

54 Millionth Patient of LRBT – Mehwish’s Prayers are Answered

30-year-old Mehwish had spent most the afternoon getting her 6 children ready for her brother’s wedding, and was now looking forward to going to the salon with her sister. There she was persuaded to try colored contact lenses for the first time. During the wedding Mehwish’s eye began to feel increasingly uncomfortable, and deciding

53 millionth patient of LRBT: Ismail is Independent Once Again

In the heart of a bustling city, amidst the struggles of poverty, there lived a 32-year-old man named Muhammad Ismail. Born into a poor family, Ismail carried the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. He had five sisters and a younger brother who relied on him for their livelihood. Their humble abode was a rented

52 Millionth Patient of LRBT – Asifa Can Go Back to School

While Pakistan was grappling with an uncertain economic and political landscape, the floods in 2022 worsened an already precarious situation. Thousands of people were killed and displaced from their homes, and forced to either migrate or continue living in tents or makeshift homes by the side of the road. 2023 hasn’t offered respite either:

51 Millionth Patient of LRBT – Umar Akmal Khan’s Story of Resilience!

Umar is the 16-year-old son of Muhammad Akmal Khan who works a clerical job in a private office in Karachi earning a meager amount of Rs. 15,000. Umar’s mother passed away last year leaving behind 6 children: 2 sons and 4 daughters. He is the second eldest in the line of his siblings and

50 Millionth Patient of LRBT – Shabbir Khan, A Story Of Rekindled Hope

28 years old and the only bread earner of a household of eight, Shabbir is a fruit seller, particularly falsas. When he managed to get his fruit cart he had high hopes for his future, he was relieved his father would not have the burden of running the house alone. With 5 younger siblings,

49 Millionth Patient of LRBT – Hassan’s future is bright now!

Umair is a technical engineer, a self-made man he has worked hard his entire life to support his aging parents and unmarried sisters. Being the only son he works day and night to support them and his wife and children. His son Hassan was a cheerful and healthy baby but as he got older the

48 Millionth Patient of LRBT – Kashif, sole bread earner of his family!

Hailing from Khairpur, 25 years old Kashif and his family moved to Karachi five years ago in hopes of a better life. Kashif is third amongst his 5 siblings, yet the most responsible one. From a young age he would come back home from school and help his mother with household chores. He would also

47 Millionth Patient of LRBT – Negligence almost made Rehmat blind!

Eyes are the most precious of our senses, yet we often neglect their care and this negligence can lead to lifelong blindness. Little Rehmat, just 8 years old, faced such an ordeal when what started off as a simple case of itching in his left eye led to his cornea being damaged for life. Hailing

45 Millionth Patient of LRBT – 2 year old Kaleemullah

The monsoon rains in Karachi wrought havoc for millions of people, destroying their homes and livelihood. For 2 year old, Kaleemullah’s parents this time is forever etched in their memory as probably one the most testing times of their lives. Their youngest son was out playing in the street in the rain when a stray

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