Ramadan Flyer 2021

Eyesight is the most critical of our senses. If the bread earner loses his vision, the impact on the family is devastating. Not only will the patient require a full-time caregiver but with no income, the entire family will be at the edge of starvation, eviction from their home, and the children will be forced

Ramadan Flyer 2020

KYA AAP IN KI BEENAI KA WASEELA BANEIN GE? In our present crisis we must not forget the plight of 23 million blind & visually impaired underprivileged people who live a life of darkness with no hope for the future. If they are not timely treated, the vision loss will be irrecoverable forever. Download to

Ramadan Flyer 2018

This Eid your Zakat can fulfil Afshan's dream! In the last 33 years LRBT has transformed the lives of over 38 million patients like Afshan through its network of 19 hospitals and 56 eye centers nationwide but 20 million poor patients still need your help as they cannot afford the treatment. Download to read more

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