You may endow any amount and the profit would be used to perform surgeries & OPD of deserving patients. This could also be done for earning Sadqa-E-Jaaria. in the name of your loved ones.

*All amount giving below are in Canadian Dollar.

Waiting Room (Male)$55,462
Waiting Room (Female)$55,462
OPD Waiting Area (Male)$16,176
OPD Waiting Area (Female)$16,176
Screening Room (Male)$5,338
Screening Room (Female)$5,338
Refraction Room$5,338
Low Vision Room$5,338
Field Analyzer Room$3,466
Biometry Room$3,466
Laser Room I$3,466
Laser Room II$3,466
Admission/Discharge Room$5,338
Isolation Ward Male$5,338
Isolation Room Female$5,338
OT Waiting Area$24,265
Consultant Room 1$3,876
Consultant Room 2$3,876
Male Ward$55,462
Female Ward$55,462
Local Anesthesia Room$5,176
Operation Theatre I$8,874
Operation Theatre II$4,473
Minor Operation Theatre$4,807
Sterilization Room$6,655
Patients’ Canteen$18,487
Patient Bed Each$1,279

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