Charity Does Not Mean Second-Rate Services
LRBT Skill Set and Employees Strength Throughout Pakistan


Operational Staff

Doctors 202
MS(Ophthalmology) 2
M.Sc Community Ophthalmologist 5
MBBS 127
Paramedic 529
Support Staff 583


Admin Staff & Volunteers

Head Office 47
Volunteers 13

At LRBT we have highly skilled Doctors with vast experience (3 million patients are treated at our facilities every year). 75 out of our 195 doctors have post graduate qualifications. Their expertise is constantly refreshed by sending them for specialized courses, training and conferences both locally & internationally. Furthermore, Senior Ophthalmologists including Professors serve as honorary Consultants & visit our 19 hospitals intermittently.

The Skills and The Quality of Our Medical and Paramedic Staff Have Been Internationally Recognized;

Sight Savers International UK’s Evaluation Report
‘The Clinical and Technical side of the LRBT programme is extremely impressive”.
The overriding conclusions of the evaluation are that LRBT delivers quality eye care services through primary, secondary and tertiary levels in a highly motivated and committed manner”.

M.Azzam Ahmed
M.Azzam Ahmed, Islamic Call Organization Sudan (ICO)
“May Allah help a assist & reward you”.

Dr. Philip Nelsen. Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon, USA
“I enjoyed my visit very much. I am very impressed with the knowledge, skill and technology of the Vitreo-Retina specialists at LRBT Lahore. You do an excellent job in an extremely commendable manner at no cost”.

Use of Advanced Technology at LRBT

Use of Advanced Technology at LRBT

To complement the expertise of our doctors, state-of-the-art-technology from medically advanced countries like the US, Germany, Switzerland, Japan etc. find their way to our 18 hospitals through private and corporate donations. The total cost of this specialized equipment is Rs 673 million ($ 6.8 million).

This sophisticated equipment is used for diagnosis and treatment of various eye-diseases ranging from cataract surgeries to corneal transplants and includes the following:

Pneumotonometers 33
Biometry A-scans 24
Ultra Sound B-scans 7
Optical Coherence Tomographs (OCT) 3
Non Mydiatric Camera 1
ImageNets FFA 5
Field Analysers 8
Operating Microscopes 110
Phacoemulsifiers 45
YAG Laser 20
Photo coagulators (lasers) 20
Constellation Vision System 11
Pascal Laser 1
Heidelberg Retina Tomograph (HRT) 2
Perimetery 4
Slit Lamps 116
Keratometers 20
Auto Refractometers 43
Lensometers 22