The following visited our tertiary and secondary hospitals during the period under review.

Name Designation Hospital Visited
Mr. Robyn Vanden Broek Rotart Club of Crabbook, Canada Lahore
Kristie Ehman Rotart Club of Golden, Canada Lahore
John Stairs PDG, 7080, Rotary Club, Toronto – Canada Lahore
Mr. Hyder Hassan Rotaract Milton,Ontario Canada Lahore
Ms. Catherine Pierce Grant Administrator, US Agency for International Development (USAID) Karachi, Lahore
Ms. Sarah Chowdhury Senior Programme Manager – Graham Layton Trust – UK Karachi
Mr. Steve Atkinson Group Head of Corporate Affairs – Standard Chartered Bank Karachi
Mr. Richard Bowcott Regional Head of Brand Management & Sustainability, MENAP, Standard Chartered Bank, DUBAI Karachi
Ms. Farida Saeed Treasure, Saving Sight LRBT Foundation, USA Karachi
Mr. Haroon Saeed Prudential Insurance Company – USA Karachi
Ms. Hannah Saeed Student – Boston University Lahore
Ms. Kirsty Collier Business & Project Support Corporate Affairs, MENAP – Standard Chartered Bank, Pakistan Karachi
Ms. Reena Ebrahim Learning & Development Manager Learning & Talent Development – Standard Chartered Bank, Pakistan Karachi
Ms. Sana Mesia Manager Human Resource – Corporate Department, Mitsubishi Karachi
Mr. Muhammad Afroz Ladha Assistant General Manager – Corporate Department, Mitsubishi Karachi
Mr. Faisal Sabzwari Country Manager – P&G Pakistan Limited Karachi
Mr. Shujaat Wasty RS Foundation, Canada Lahore
Mr. Charles R.A. Lyddane Rotary West Chester PA – Rotary Club – USA Lahore
Mr. George R. Camp Past District Governer, Rotary District 7230-USA-N.Y Lahore
David S. Countway Assistant Governer, Rotary International District 7870, USA Lahore
Ms. Sylvia Countway Alton New Hampshire Lahore
Ms. Rebecca Semmes USAID – Lahore Lahore
Michelle Lee / Dirk Boswell District Governer, Rotary International District – USA Lahore
Ms. Sally Crook Project Manager, “Seeing is Believing” – IAPB Lahore
Dr. Imam Yar Baig Country Director, Pakistan Country Office – Sightsavers Lahore
Ms. Munazza Gillani Programme Manager, Pakistan Country Office – Sightsavers Lahore
Mr. Itfaq Khaliq Khan Programme Officer, Pakistan Country Office – Sightsavers Lahore