In the heart of a bustling city, amidst the struggles of poverty, there lived a 32-year-old man named Muhammad Ismail. Born into a poor family, Ismail carried the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. He had five sisters and a younger brother who relied on him for their livelihood. Their humble abode was a rented house with a monthly rent of 12,000 rupees, a burden that seemed insurmountable. Life had dealt them a difficult hand, and Ismail knew he had to work tirelessly to cover their meager monthly expenses.

For years, Ismail toiled away in a furniture shop, diligently polishing and repairing furniture. However, over the past few months, he had noticed a growing difficulty in his vision. His right eye no longer served him as it once did. The prospect of seeking medical treatment was daunting, as he simply could not afford the cost. Despair settled in his heart as he wondered how he would manage the expenses of his own treatment, let alone provide for his beloved family.

As time passed, Ismail’s vision deteriorated further, impairing his ability to carry out his daily work. Eventually, he had no choice but to leave his job, leaving his family in a dire situation. Their financial burdens multiplied, for his father too was unwell and unable to contribute. Ismail sought help from various doctors, desperately hoping for a solution. It was then that the harsh reality struck him: he was diagnosed with cataracts in both of his eyes.

Overwhelmed by the weight of his circumstances, Ismail felt a deep sorrow. His entire family depended on him, and now his vision stood as a barrier to their survival. In this time of darkness, a glimmer of hope emerged through the words of a trusted friend. “You should visit LRBT,” his friend advised, “They will help you with your eye problems without any cost.”

Filled with a mix of anticipation and trepidation, Ismail made his way to the LRBT eye hospital. Upon arrival, the doctors carefully examined him and confirmed the need for cataract surgery. Despite his fears, Ismail placed his trust in the skilled hands of the medical professionals. The day of the surgery arrived, and as the operation proceeded, Ismail could feel a weight being lifted from his weary soul.

When the bandage was finally opened a few days after the surgery, a renewed clarity greeted him. Tears of gratitude welled up, for LRBT had not only restored his vision but also given him a new lease on life. Ismail’s heart overflowed with appreciation for the organization that had supported him during his darkest hour.

With his sight restored, Ismail eagerly returned to work, determined to provide for his family once more. He was full of prayers for LRBT, and expressed them with a heartfelt sentiment: “meri duaa hai ke LRBT aur taraqqi karay. Ghareebon ki madad karne ka Allah iss ko aur maauqa de” (I pray that LRBT flourishes – may Allah give LRBT more opportunity to help the poor.)

In the face of adversity, Ismail had found the strength to carry on. His gratitude towards LRBT was visible, for he had been given the gift of sight and the ability to continue supporting his family. As he worked diligently, a newfound sense of purpose filled his heart.