Mehwish-Pic30-year-old Mehwish had spent most the afternoon getting her 6 children ready for her brother’s wedding, and was now looking forward to going to the salon with her sister. There she was persuaded to try colored contact lenses for the first time. During the wedding Mehwish’s eye began to feel increasingly uncomfortable, and deciding it was too much to bear, she removed the lenses. Her eye, however, would not stop watering and she began to panic The next day, Mehwish was unable to see out of that eye at all.

Her mother took her to the nearest clinic to have the eye checked, where she was told she would need to undergo surgery in order to restore her vision as her cornea had been severely damaged. On hearing the cost of the surgery she lost all hope as she knew her husband would not have been able to afford it, and she wondered if their financial troubles would ever end. She lamented her decision to wear the contact lenses and was wondering how she would manage the housework as well as care for her children especially with another on the way. Her young children, unable to comprehend what had happened to their mother, wondered whether she would ever be her cheerful self again.

Mehwish and her husband discussed the costly surgery at length, with him suggesting he find a second job to cover the ever-growing bills. Eventually, it was her mother-in-law who was able to convince Mehwish to visit LRBT, as she had undergone cataract surgery there herself, and guaranteed it would be completely free and she would receive exceptional care.

At the LRBT hospital, Mehwish was nervous and worried whether she would ever be able to see again. Her mind was running through the worst possible outcomes for her and her family. The compassionate demeanor of the doctors and staff, their confidence, and reassurance that her vision would be restored calmed her down.

After going through the diagnostic tests she was told she needed a corneal transplant and would be informed when the corneal tissue was available. Just a month later she received a call that would change her life – a matching cornea was now available. Her surgery was a complete success and, in due course, her vision was as good as it had been.

Mehwish says, “I had lost all hope before visiting LRBT. Cornea replacements are extremely expensive and my first thought was that if I went for it we would not have been able to feed our children. LRBT’s free treatment made it possible that we would never face such a stark choice”.

“Now I am able to fully concentrate on my housework, take care of my children and look after the rest of my family. I am immensely thankful to LRBT for providing myself and many others who cannot afford such care with such brilliant facilities and compassionate care all free of cost. May God bless the doctors and staff for serving the poor and indigent people of the country.”