Anish Kumar comes from an under-privileged family and lives in Mastung (Balochistan). He had been suffering from congenital cataract in both eyes, resulting in low vision since his birth. The poor boy and his family had no idea about the severity of the disease he was suffering from.Although he managed to perform his routine work, but his sight was diminishing with every passing day.

When he started going to school, he was shocked to find that he was unable to see the black board. This frightened the young boy and over a small span of time Anish went completely blind.

His father Gobind Kumar showed him to a few doctors in Mastung, who advised him, that he should take Anish to Quetta.The poor man in search of a cure for his young son’s ailment took him to Quetta, where a private surgeon asked for Rs. 15,000 which he could not afford.The helpless father was completely heart broken, as the cure for his young son was available but he did not have the money.

While in Quetta he learned about LRBT, at first he did not believe that his son could be cured for FREE OF COST. Anish Kumar came to LRBT FREE EYE HOSPITAL QUETTA, with his father in May 2002 when he was 10 years old.

He was operated successfully on both eyes. He could see the world around him and instead of being a burden on his parents; he could aspire to be their support in their old age.

Now he is 13 years old, attending school and leading a normal life. Anish’s 2 younger brothers are also suffering from cataract, they too will be operated at LRBT’s free eye hospital, Quetta.