The Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT), Pakistan’s largest provider of eye care, is thrilled to renowned fashion icon and philanthropist, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY), as its Global Brand and Goodwill Ambassador. The appointment was marked by a ceremony held at LRBT Korangi, where Mr. Najmus Saquib Hameed, Chairman of LRBT, presented HSY with a Certificate of Appointment and shared the remarkable contributions of LRBT in transforming lives through vision care.

LRBT’s mission has been steadfast since its inception 37 years ago: “No man, woman, or child should go blind just because they cannot access or afford the treatment.” To fulfill this mission, LRBT has established 19 eye hospitals and 60 clinics, offering free-of-cost quality eye care services to the underprivileged. The organization’s relentless efforts have positively impacted over 53 million patients, instilling hope in countless families across Pakistan.

HSY’s appointment as the Global Ambassador for LRBT holds special significance due to his own personal experience with blindness during his early life. He expressed his deep connection to LRBT’s cause, stating, “The gift of sight is one we often take for granted, but through organizations like LRBT, lives are transformed. I am humbled to be the brand ambassador and stand alongside LRBT in their mission to bring light to those living in darkness.”

Mr. Najmus Saquib Hameed, Chairman of LRBT, warmly welcomed HSY as the Global Brand and Goodwill Ambassador and expressed gratitude for his commitment to this transformative cause. “HSY’s compassion and dedication to social causes make him a perfect fit for LRBT. We are confident that his involvement will raise greater awareness about our mission, enabling us to reach more individuals in need,” he remarked.

With HSY on board as the brand ambassador, LRBT is well-supported in its noble mission – “No man, woman or child should go blind just because he/she cannot afford the treatment”. Together, we will continue to champion the cause of restoring sight and empowering those battling vision impairment.

The collaboration between LRBT and HSY stands as a beacon of hope, shining light on the path towards a brighter and more inclusive future for all.