A resident of Karachi, Ehsan Munir has 3 brothers and 2 sisters.His father works as a clerk, just earning enough to support his family.At a very young age Ehsan developed cataract in both eyes, and slowly his vision became blurred and was unable to see and lead a normal life

His parents dreams were shattered, they took him to a private clinic, where they were informed that their child could see again, but required an operation. Unfortunately they were unable to afford the cost of the treatment.

A relative told them about LRBT, at first they could not believe that their child can be treated and that too free of charge.His father brought him to LRBT (Korangi-Karachi) free eye hospital, where he underwent cataract surgery in both eyes.

Today Ehsan is leading a normal life, attending school, playing with his friends, and has a promising future.