LRBT joined forces with the Center for Autism Rehabilitation and Training, Sindh (C-ARTS) on World Sight Day (held on October 12th, 2023) to encourage eye care awareness amongst its students and, crucially, their parents.

LRBT doctors visited the Center to spend the day with children with physical and mental disabilities, where they conducted free eye scans to all the students present. Working with children is not always easy, therefore the LRBT doctors were even more patient when it came to interacting with the children of C-ARTS. Through the doctors’ kindness, the students were quickly comfortable enough to carry on with testing, and were attentive during the information sessions. Their teachers and parents were appreciative of the dedication LRBT gave to this institution, as they recognized the doctors were exceptionally trained and well-prepared to handle those with disabilities.

The doctors of LRBT were just as excited during the time they spent at C-ARTS. Interacting with disabled patients at the hospital is a near-daily experience, however spending an extended amount of time with these children provided them with another perspective on caring for those who are differently abled and may require additional attention.

For 37 years, LRBT has been devoted to the mission that no man, woman, or child should go without access to medical care – and those who are differently-abled are no exception to this. Every doctor who participated connected with the children in various ways, and they hope to use the experience to cater to more disabled patients in the same manner.

The children, more enthusiastic with every passing minute, enjoyed the interactive nature of the session. Being awarded with Naiki Ke Sitaray (Stars of goodwill) and goody bags for their excitement was undoubtedly the highlight of the day, and everyone at C-ARTS looks forward to continue working with LRBT in the near future.

The Center for Autism Rehabilitation and Training, Sindh, was established in 2018 by the Government of Sindh. C-ARTS is dedicated to providing professional rehabilitation facilities to autistic children across Sindh. Their mission is to provide an integrated academic and therapeutic program to each individual with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders so they realize their fullest potential and to expand their impact through education, innovative research and public policy. The center accommodates around 300 children and is the biggest free of cost autism center in South Asia.