Sight restoration surgery has been successfully performed on Fatima Bibi at LRBT’s Free Eye Hospital Korangi (Karachi). She claims that she is 140 year old as she was born in 1869. After regaining her sight, the first thing she wished to see was the LRBT team which restored her vision.

Fatima Bibi had seven issues. The eldest son is 99 years old and alive. A son and a daughter have died. All in all she has 529 children, grand and great grand children.

Fatima Bibi lost her left eye completely quite some time ago and her right eye vision, which has now been restored, was also deteriorating for the past several years. The passing years had diminished her visibility to the extent that she could only see light but could not see or recognize faces/objects. She was completely dependant on her children to carry out her daily chores and could not read Quran and this had made her really upset. She was thrilled at the feeling that she will be able to see her children again and be able to read Quran.

According to Dr. Fawad Rizvi, the Chief Consultant Ophthalmologist of Korangi Hospital, it was a difficult case as Fatima Bibi had old and hard cataract in her eye but probably she was destined to see again and thus underwent a successful surgery and now she’ll be able to see her more than 500 grand children.

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