At LRBT we strongly believe that” Life’s richest blessings come not in receiving, but in giving”. Meet Muhammad Mushtaq, our lucky 19 millionth patient whose life has been transformed by the sight restoration surgery performed free of all charges by LRBT

Muhammad Mushtaq lives in slums of Malir with his 5 children and his sister who looks after the children and the home since the death of his wife many years ago. For Mushtaq . a day laborer, life was a hand to mouth existence. There were days when he could not find work and trouble was often “just around the corner.” At the age of 50, he started to lose his vision and this affected his work. A few weeks ago, one afternoon, Mushtaq was at work when his supervisor pointed towards a piece of iron and asked him to get it. Mushtaq could not see the iron his supervisor was pointing to. His supervisor scolded Mushtaq for not following his orders. Mushtaq shamefacedly admitted that he “couldn’t see.” The supervisor who was a hard nosed man sacked him on the spot.

As Mushtaq was leaving the site a co-worker came to ask him why the supervisor was angry. With tearful eyes Mushtaq told him that his vision had been deteriorating for the past several years and he had hidden it from everybody for fear of losing his only source of livelihood. He had no money to get himself treated and was the only breadwinner for the family. Listening to the sad story his friend decided to help him and took him to a free eye clinic in Surjani town that he knew about. There, an LRBT team consisting of a doctor and a paramedic examined his eyes and sent Mushtaq to LRBT Free Eye Hospital in Korangi Karachi for possible surgery.

Mushtaq underwent detailed examination and was diagnosed with cataract. In view of his circumstances he was given a date for surgery in the very next week. Mushtaq described his feelings when the doctor opened his bandage, “My world was brighter than I could ever imagine. I can work again & feed my family”.

On his follow-up visit to LRBT Korangi he reminisced, “God in his infinite mercy had given me a new life. If my friend had not cared about my plight and if LRBT hadn’t extended free surgery & treatment I would have been reduced to the life of a beggar. Now I can stand on my own feet & earn enough to look after my family”. LRBT has saved my dignity and I will pray for the donors and staff of the hospital till the day I die