Shabbir, a student residing near Rahim Yar Khan, embodies resilience and responsibility beyond his years. Having tragically lost his mother at a young age, Shabbir stepped into the role of homemaker with unwavering determination, caring for his four younger siblings. His father moved to Karachi alone, hoping to boost his family’s income through work as a tailor, wanting Shabbir to stay home to continue his studies. Regardless of the distance, his father’s unwavering commitment to his children’s future remained evident as he diligently sent his meagre earnings home.

Despite the family’s struggles Shabbir’s father was adamant that all the children should be educated. As the eldest, Shabbir was an inspiration for his younger siblings, who eagerly waited for him to come home from school to hear about his day. By the time Shabbir began his college education he was determined to ease his father’s financial strain. Through sheer perseverance he secured a part-time job, striving to supplement the family’s income and ensure the continuity of his own education. All seemed to be well until Shabbir’s vision began to rapidly deteriorate. Fearful that this would hinder his education, Shabbir visited a private doctor in Rahim Yar Khan, hoping he would simply be prescribed some medication. He was shocked, however, when told he would need to undergo surgery for cataracts, a procedure that neither he nor his father would ever be able to afford. Worried about his schooling and siblings Shabbir called his father to ask for advice.

Having spent several years in Karachi, Shabbir’s father was familiar with LRBT and its noble mission of providing free treatment to less fortunate patients. Aware of the financial constraints they faced, he saw an opportunity for his son to receive the necessary care without the burden of hefty medical expenses. Shabbir contemplated making the journey to Karachi for treatment, reassured by the promise of his father’s support during the post-operative period. However, before any arrangements could be finalized, a friend told Shabbir that LRBT had recently opened a hospital in Rahim Yar Khan, bringing the prospect of treatment to his doorstep. Shabbir agreed as a hospital so close to home held the promise of convenience and accessibility.

At the facility Shabbir felt as though he had stepped into another world: the cleanliness, the compassion, and efficiency of the staff. He was afraid, however, that the charges would be unaffordable. It was a great relief to learn that his cataract surgery would be free of cost, as would all medication required during recovery. Shabbir then eagerly awaited the scheduled surgery, praying that his vision would be restored and he would be able resume his studies. With college closed for the holidays, he found solace in the company of his siblings, where he recuperated and seized the opportunity to teach them and other neighborhood children, using his education to nurture young minds.

“Being able to be treated by LRBT in my own city is truly a blessing. I was stressed about having to travel to Karachi, especially with my siblings being alone here. With a hospital in Rahim Yar Khan, LRBT is now accessible to thousands of underprivileged people residing in and around the city. I am deeply thankful for the exceptional care I received, and I commend LRBT for its efforts in raising awareness about the crucial importance of eye health in our community”, said Shabbir.

Shabbir is one of millions of patients whose lives have been transformed by LRBT, a testament to its profound impact. With your support, we can continue to bring light to those in darkness and make their dreams come true. Join us in providing free, high-quality eye care to those who need it most. Your donation can give countless Pakistanis the gift of sight and a brighter future.