Pakistan, a third world developing country, lacks necessary resource of providing its people with medical and health facilities and it is the underprivileged and the destitute that suffer the most. Sana happens to be one such sufferer who was born to parents falling under the category of the under privileged, barely making enough to feed their young and innocent children who are still unaware of the austerity of life that awaits them. Her father is the sole breadwinner for the family of six. He works at a garment factory and brings home a meager sum of Rs. 5,500/- per month. Sana’s mother is a housewife.

Sana was driven by dire need and frustration to LRBT and became LRBT’s 13 Millionth patient!

She is a young college girl; it was her ambition that gave her strength and the will power to fight her diminishing vision. She has in her, zeal to study and make it big! However, fate had it otherwise.

From the time she was a 6-month old infant; Sana suffered poor health. Adding misery to the ill -fated family, Sana began losing her vision. This condition was of utmost concern and devastation to Sana’s parents. Desperate to have their daughter’s impaired vision cured they rushed her to private clinics and hospitals and ended up paying money they could ill afford.

A blessing in disguise awaited Sana’s family in the form of LRBT, just when they had given up all hope….They were told about LRBT’s Free Tertiary Eye Hospital at Korangi-Karachi by a relative who had himself undergone eye surgery at LRBT who confirmed that his vision had improved since then and above all the treatment is absolutely FREE OF COST!

Sana was immediately brought to LRBT where, after detailed check ups the doctors informed her parents that she needed a Corneal transplant.

Sana’s treatment was a success as that of all hundreds of thousands who come to LRBT each day for surgery and eye care related diseases.

Her fate takes a new toll and that too for the better! She is now able to see, has gone back to college and is enjoying the splendid bounties and creations of God with a clear vision, all courtesy of LRBT!