Help us change the lives of millions more like Athar and his sisters.
Help us turn them into productive members for their families and society.
Help us offer them a future.

Athar grew up in a poor locality of Malir Town, Karachi with his four sisters. All of them attended a government school in their locality. His father had fits of depression and had taken early retirement and it was his mother who was determined to send all her children to school and worked day and night as a tailor. She had always dreamt of a better future for her children but her dreams shattered when one by one four of her five children started losing sight around the age of 10, with their eyes turning cloudy. His sisters continued school for a few more years but a stage came when gradually all of them dropped out due to visual difficulties. The desperate mother took Athar to an ophthalmologist before he reached that stage, but lost all hope when the doctor told them that there was no cure except for corneal grafting which costs Rs 100,000/- per eye. This was simply beyond their means and the grieving mother returned home with her son, who instead of becoming her support had become a burden.

Then something miraculous happened that changed his life forever. LRBT’s School Screening team visited his school and discovered his corneal opacity. He was referred to LRBT’s Korangi Hospital in Karachi. There, after a thorough checkup, he was put on the waiting list of patients awaiting cornea donations. His sisters were also brought to the hospital and were also put on the waiting list. A ray of hope flickered in their lives and they prayed to God for a miracle. A couple of days later the lucky four received a call from the hospital informing them that 4 corneas have been received, requesting them to visit the hospital immediately. Hopeful yet scared they came to the hospital and were admitted for their surgery which was performed the very next day. The corneas were implanted successfully and while some vision returned a few days after surgery, it took almost 8 months before their full vision was restored, which is common in cases of corneal transplants. Upon his last follow up visit, Athar told us that he could not believe he was able to see again.

Ather and his sisters can now see. Ather is back in school now and has also found a part time job to support his mother’s income. One of his sisters has rejoined school whereas the eldest one has found a decent job in a bank.

From the depth of darkness & despair Athar and his sisters have emerged into the bright light of hope. Their hearts are filled with gratitude and praise for LRBT, its doctors and the generous donors.