Without you LRBT would not have been here where it is today. By the grace of Allah,you and your team’s dedication LRBT is now operating at 71 locations nationwide and serving humanity in every corner of the country. More than 28million families have been touched by LRBT and they are all prayers for you.

It is extremely rare that one comes across such selfless, genuine and visionary people like you who set an example for generations to come. You have a heart of gold filled with love for humanity and thriving to make a difference in others life in any and every way and actually making it happen. The way you have exemplary conducted and lead this organization will be remembered forever. You have put together a great team that will ensure the mission continues with same zeal. YOU ARE A LEGEND & WILL REMAIN SO!

NOTE: Mr. K.Z Hassan is stepping down from the Chairman LRBT’s position and Mr. Najmus Saquib Hameed will be his successor. In recognition of his tremendous contribution to LRBT the Board has appointed Mr. Hassan Chairman Emeritus. May Allah bless him with long and healthy life ameen.